Duparc Farm Project

I submitted the final draft for my business plan for the Duparc Farm Project in Haiti on Wednesday for final review before printing and submission to the complete board.   Much, much more to come on the details but basically I am writing a business plan to operate a 127 acre crop and livestock farm in Haiti.  It has been fallow for several years and will needs fences, clearing, cleaning etc., etc.   But, the first step is getting the business plan approved by the owners of the farm, The Good Shepherd Orphanage.  I am so excited for them because this could be such a blessing to all the amazing ministries they do.

My vision for agriculture ministry began in the 1980’s when I was a young farmer in Indiana.  The vision became focused on Haiti two years ago and this specific business plan has been a year in the making.  I have had an amazing group of advisers and encouragers supporting me. From the beginning this could only have been a vision orchestrated by God.    I have reconnected with friends and mentors from years ago as well as new friends who have been invaluable to me.  I found that I have been able to not only draw from these friends but also on personal experiences from throughout my career.

My vision is that this farm will  not only provide financial resources for The Good Shepherd Orphanage but also  become a teaching and training center for the Duparc community.  We will implement modern production methods in the field as well as working to reduce post-harvest losses.  We will teach animal husbandry, disease and parasite control, and humane animal handling and transport.  My vision is to develop quality herds of goats and hogs fed high quality feeds produced on the farm.  We will develop facilities that are modern and sustainable, operated completely off the grid.  We will also research and develop value added products such as gluten free flours.


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