Things become very real

I have been very anxious today about my friends in Haiti.  People who know me know I have had a heart for the “the people of Haiti”.  But this burden has become more personal the more I become involved in peoples lives.  As Hurricane Mathew begins bearing down on Haiti I think not only of “people” but on Alix who asked me for money a few months ago to replace the tarp he and his mother were living under with an actual house.   Unfortunately I told him I couldn’t at that time.  I think of the family outside Jacmel we worked with last year to begin a house for their daughter and son in law.  I don’t know if it was ever finished but either way the parents are living in an 12 x 16 A-frame hut with a thatched roof that will not withstand a hurricane.  I think of Pastor Jouldane and his family who do have a new roof thanks to Mays Chapel United Methodist church who gave money.  And all of my friends who I served with – praying that they will be safe.  And all of the others whose names I might not remember but whose faces I see as I worry and pray.  It all has suddenly become very real and personal.

I read about the bloodshed in Ethiopia as protestors in Oromia have clashed with police and 52 have already been killed.  Many of the students and staff I worked with at the college in April are from Oromia.  It has suddenly become very real and personal.

This is a burden for me because God has allowed me to enter peoples lives and have a relationship.  So, what to do with it.  How can I do anything but pray?


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