April 23, 2016 Heading Home

I’m sitting in the Addis Ababa airport (airport code ADD but that’s another post) writing my final post from Ethiopia. I have learned so much in my 20 days here. My “TOP TEN” (actually 9)

1. When your hosts ask “how do you find the air condition?” the proper answer is:
a. I haven’t found it yet.
b. How do you turn it on?
c. It’s great I love this weather!
2. The fine for hitting a camel on the road…..$350 + the cost to replace the camel + a totaled Land Cruiser……..our driver told me this as we were sitting on the highway waiting for 3 camels to amble across in front of us. As he said – “Don’t hit the camels.”
3. Take a power strip next trip – when the power is out for long periods and there is only one generator maximize – especially if you have to use a 220 adapter for every socket.
4. Baby wipes are the greatest invention…. ever….seriously.
5. It’s hard for a left handed person to remember to only use only the right hand when eating. The only thing I can say about the origin of this custom is ewww ….. you can look up the reason.
6. The effects of altitude are real especially when I drink a beer after years of not.
7. The travel guides tell Americans to try to not stand out when overseas. When visiting the Hot Springs and you’re the only pale skinned person…..especially in the crowded pool or in the showers that consist of pipes coming out of the hillside and as many men standing under it as can get wet……There’s no way to blend in Boss! At the pool heads were turning like they were doing the wave.
8. Driving on a dirt road across the Rift Valley in a Land Cruiser feeling like Marlon Perkins……Priceless!!
9. I love the sound of monkey chasers in the morning – especially when the monkeys are sitting on the roof eating their stolen mangoes.


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