April 3, 2016 DAY 1 IN ETHIOPIA

I arrived early this morning at Addis Ababa Bole Airport following an overnight flight from London. I had no idea what to expect – my only frame of reference being Haiti. Comparisons like this can be tricky because no two places are the same possibly only similar.
Our documents had said to expect a representative of the hotel to meet us with a sign with CRS and our names. Each hotel had a little “booth” with their name and a counter. For whatever reason our person stayed in his booth with the sign behind the counter. After “talking” with several people we went to the Churchill Hotel booth and there was our sign.
The hotel is a small, dated place but had spacious rooms, friendly staff and a reasonably priced restaurant. The order of the day was a shower and sleep and nothing else.


April 9, 2016 What’s in a name?

This is the post excerpt.


I am beginning my venture into blogging. Several people have asked me to write and post pictures while I am in Ethiopia as well as my work in Haiti. I am calling it Loafing Around the Farmers Table for reasons I should explain.
During the winter months or rainy days as a boy in Boswell, Indiana my Dad would take me to town with him to loaf. Loafing to him wasn’t the traditional meaning of loafing like in lazy. For Dad it was stopping by the grain elevator to talk for awhile and in the winter eat some peanuts from the hog feeder on display.
Then maybe the gas station or implement dealer to do more of the same. Then on to the Hub restaurant for (for my Boswell friends this was pre Farmers Table Restaurant) for coffee. We would usually sit around the lone round table in the back where the talk was usually too much rain, not enough rain, low price of corn and beans and the usual joking about which color tractor was best. I learned many things around that table so it was meaningful to me and appropriate as I travel working with farmers to use that name. And also in some way it is a way for me to honor my Dad. So…..here goes.